Hi-Tech Tower Services, Inc.



Working at HiTech can be just right for your future

Are you interested in a change. We know your skills are in demand. Your knowledge and experience are valuable assets for you, your family and whatever company you choose to work for. We hope that you will take the time to learn the HiTech Difference and be able to see what that difference can make in your life. You have choices. Some will be with big companies where you may get lost, other may be too small for you to be be found and find real opportunity. HiTech is the just right combination where you can really grow your future and become part of something special. If you are an experienced tower climber and are looking for an opportunity to take your career to new heights, you have made the first step to a great new start. You have an opportunity to work with a company that values your knowledge and experience in this industry and will compensate you accordingly. The money and challenging work opportunity aside, HiTech wants to be part of a family business and will treat you like a member of the family.

We were part of wireless history. Now we’re building on its future

HiTech Tower Services has been providing wireless infrastructure throughout the United States since 2004. The industries most trusted brands have trusted HiTech to build the systems and networks that are the foundations of their businesses. The ability to execute demanding projects within tight time constraints and rigorous quality specifications are hallmarks of HiTech’s reputation and reliable performance . Verizon, T-Mobile, American Tower and Homeland Security are just a few of the clients HiTech serves. From building the Wireless communication for the Superbowl to the individual towers that dot the US landscape, HiTech is doing its part to make the connections of global communications. Expanding its service to HiTech is also building charging station networks, energy infrastructure for solar and battery, and private networks to assist upgrading the technology of the nation’s infrastructure,

You may want to join a company where people want to stay

The majority of our employees have been with the company for 10 years or more. While many construction companies expand and contract with a revolving door of workers turning the wheels of progress, HiTech employees are given the opportunity to work with people they know and trust and appreciate year after year after year. There is no doubt that what we do at HiTech Tower is work, sometimes very hard work, but when you can do it knowing you are well paid and protected; appreciated for who you are and what you do; given opportunity for advancement; and provided incentives for targeted accomplishments, you will know that you found a home. Let HiTech be your home, away from Home; with work-based family and friends that you enjoy being around and you know will have your back; and opportunity to improve you skills, your income and your life in the process.


Looking for a few Good Contractors that want to become Great

We carefully select qualified trade contractors, suppliers, and other partners that share our commitment to building value for our clients and demonstrate high standards for quality and safety. Bette & Cring maintains a roster of prequalified subcontractors that have participated in a comprehensive review of their knowledge, experience, safety history, surety and insurance, and references. We foster these relationships and build true partnerships that benefit both the project delivery and individual team members.

HiTech Tower Services is expanding its network of trade contractors, suppliers and partners to help build technology infrastructure throughout the united states. From Wireless communications, charging stations and renewable energy systems, HiTech is helping America create the foundation for a better future. We are planning to build this one relationship at a time. Subcontractors are an integral part of We are looking for a few good subcontractors to work in markets throughout the United States

If you are qualified and ready to join a winning team, we invite you to register for our bidding list. Below are the market areas and the specific trades we are actively seeking new relationships. We are continually opening new markets and if you would like to be considered for opportunities as they become available, we invite you to register for our bid list and opportunity to become part of our winning team.